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The Block Sudoku game was inspired by an Android/iOS game called BlockuDoku. Basically, you have a 9×9 game field, just like the one in Sudoku. However, the field is empty by default. The game generates a random set of three tiles from a pool of predefined shapes. The player has to drag and fit them on the playing field. The goal is to form a vertical or horizontal line, fill a sudoku sub-square, or make a combo of a line and a square. The filled lines/squares disappear. Blue is the color of the tiles. If some tiles can’t be fitted in the field, their color becomes lighter. The game ends when there is no room left to place the remaining tiles.

While you drag a tile over the game field, there is a hint where it will land if it is dropped. The hint extends to the fields that are going to be removed if the dropped tile is going to form a square, a line, or a combo.

If you make a mistake, you can undo / take back up to three moves.

I was instantly hooked when I first played the game and really hated the fact that there is no web/browser version. At that point I started exploring the option to get my hands on a browser-based Block Sudoku game. There was a relatively cheap 10×10 game script for sale. It is a very similar game. The difference is that you are supposed to build only vertical and horizontal lines there. So I bought it and hired a developer to modify it for me. It turned to be a pretty tough task for the particular developer, but after a few weeks the game was ready. I’m sure that there are still some bugs lurking in, but the game is ready for you to play.

Edit (June 03, 2020): Forget the part about the modified script. The original 10×10 script had too many limitations. The game that you see here was rebuilt from scratch to allow the extra features (visual hint and undo). This is really big news. Very few of the BlockuDoku-like games support the Undo option.

The rules are simple, but the game is not easy at all. My advice would be always to clear a line or a square if you have the chance. Don’t wait for the perfect tile to make a combo. Keep the game field as clean as possible. Otherwise, you risk being surprised with tiles that can’t be fitted.

The game saves its state in the browser local storage. This means that even if you close your browser and reopen it later, you should be able to pick from where you’ve left.

Block Sudoku is mobile friendly. You should be able to play it in your mobile browser too.

Edit (Nov 26, 2022): The game was moved to its own domain name BlockSudoku.com. Now you have to pick a username that is used to save your score on the server. The game features a monthly Top 10, an All Time Top 100. On the very top of the page there is a table with the top three results of the current active user.

A modified version of the 10×10 game that was used as a base is also available here.

You can check the gameplay in the following basic clip below:

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